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Affordable Manufactured Homes

Finding the right manufactured home to purchase can be a stressful process. At Regal Communities we take the guess work out of buying, by offering rent-to-own manufactured homes, amazing management, and communities you can call home.

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Find affordable rent-to-own options making it easier for residents to achieve their dream of homeownership at Regal Communities.

Excellent Manager Service - Regal Communities

Excellent Service

We take pride in our expert management team, dedicated to providing exceptional service and maintaining top-quality communities.

Residents Matter at Regal Communities

Residents Matter

At Regal, we prioritize our residents’ needs and strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment in our communities.


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Search manufactured homes for sale in your local area by price, amenities, or other features. We’ll show you the sales history and provide helpful advice.

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Considering moving? We’ll buy your home. No need to move it, or deal with the hassle of selling it. 

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What Our Residents Are Saying

Buy or sell your home with Our agents. Our agents are knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to everyone’s satisfaction!

Way better now that it has a new owner and proper management. Before it was a disaster!!! Now they are not only making it look 100% better but its actually a place you would want to live.
Stephanie Scelzi - Testimonial Regal Communities
Stephanie Scelzi
Resident - Sun Terrace MHP
This mobile home park is a good place to live and also kid friendly. There is kids who can go outside and play without any worries. Not like other parts of Protho Junction in Little Rock, AR.
Christina Morales - Testimonial Regal Communities
Christina Morales
Resident - Bethany MHP
I own a home here, We have new owners new managers property is undergoing major facelift can't wait to see the final reveal I know it will look like it belongs in Ormond Beach.
Jill Brown - Testimonial Regal Communities
Jill Brown
Resident - Pinewood MHP

Living In Manufactured Home Communities

Manufactured home communities offer affordability, community spirit, and eco-friendliness. Our communities feature amenities, while the homes themselves provide efficient, customizable living spaces designed for comfort and convenience.

Arkansas Mobile Home Living

Economical mobile homes offer residency in Arkansas known for natural charm and low cost of living.

Florida Mobile Home Living

Mobile homes in Florida cater to budget-conscious retirees, offering coastal living without high costs.

Georgia Mobile Home Living

Affordable mobile homes in Georgia enable comfortable, southern living amidst scenic beauty.

Pennsylvania Mobile Home Living

Mobile homes present an opportunity to live amidst Pennsylvania’s rich history and diverse landscapes affordably.

Texas Mobile Home Living

Large land areas and reasonable living costs make mobile homes an appealing option in Texas.


Providing Affordable Living Through Manufactured Home Communities

Promoting Affordable Housing Solutions

We recognize the pressing need for affordable housing in the United States. By offering affordable mobile homes, we aim to address this issue by providing a cost-effective housing option for residents across the country. These mobile homes are designed to be more accessible in terms of price, allowing individuals and families with limited financial resources to find a secure and comfortable place to live.

Enhancing Community Development and Stability

We believe that access to affordable housing plays a vital role in fostering community development and stability. By providing affordable mobile homes, we contribute to creating strong and vibrant communities where individuals can put down roots and build their lives. Stable housing environments have positive effects on education, health outcomes, and overall well-being, which in turn promotes social and economic progress.

Supporting Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Living

Our mobile homes are designed with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. These homes are equipped with modern, energy-saving technologies and appliances, helping residents reduce their energy consumption and lower utility costs. By promoting sustainable living practices, Regal Communities aims to contribute to environmental preservation while providing affordable housing options to residents. This aligns with the growing awareness of the importance of sustainable living and encourages responsible resource management among residents.

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